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Mini Gabi TOP HAT TATOO BLUE_edited.png


the quirky little corner of the universe I created because I couldn’t find a place to fit in and humans are weird. But now, things get a little... unusual.

So there I am, doing my thing, crafting my own little wonderland with street art, music, fashion, collage, and comics. And then, out of the blue, BAM! This funky mansion just pops up. Seriously, who ordered this thing? And now there are residents there? I was just hoping for some peace and quiet, but instead, I've got ghost landlords, morphing furniture, and haunted melodies to deal with.

Oh, and don't even get me started with this motivational quotes everywhere. I was just doing my street art when suddenly, bam! Wisdom-filled quotes appeared out of nowhere, as if I'm some sort of enlightenment guru. Guess I'll add that to my resume… since the whole world is now a motivational coach, I might as well join the club.


And to top it all off, now I have to deal with commercial house music blasting like it's some kind of Ibiza party".- Mini Gabi

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