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Mini Gabi World is a whimsical wonderland created by artist Gabi Almeida, where a quirky character named Mini Gabi, tired of not fitting in, decided to create her own world...

The Creator's Story

Hey friend, 


I'm Gabi Almeida, the creator of Mini Gabi World, but let's rewind a bit to where it all began. My journey into the arts started on stages across the globe as a session musician, strumming my guitar at prestigious venues like the Royal Albert Hall and rocking out on shows like BBC and Jools Holland. My passion for music then took a creative turn, leading me into the vibrant worlds of animation, character design, and video direction. My canvas became a fusion of graffiti, street art, anime, and comics, sprinkled with the theatrical flair of circus and burlesque.

But life has its twists – in 2014, a head injury put a pause on my music tours. It was during this quiet, introspective time I found a new muse in art. A pivotal moment in my journey was in 2014 when a head injury halted my touring as a musician. During my recovery, I had the idea of creating a character to front my band giving birth to my first character, Mini Gabi. This character became the face of my band and the catalyst for Mini Gabi World – a sanctuary for misfits and outsiders. From the stages of the Royal Albert Hall to the colorful universe of Mini Gabi World, my path has been one of resilience, creativity, and endless exploration.

In this quirky corner of the universe, I create a tapestry of art forms. From street art to fashion, collage to comics, each piece is a chapter of this ever-evolving story. It's a world where art and life's narratives intertwine, inviting you to be the hero of your own quirky adventure. Despite my head injury, or maybe because of it, I've learned to embrace the unexpected, turning obstacles into art.

So, welcome to Mini Gabi World, a place where my artistic past and present collide in a colorful explosion of creativity. It's a world where every twist and turn is a testament to resilience, imagination, and the power of art to heal and transform. Come in, explore, and maybe find a piece of your own story in the whimsical, wacky world of Mini Gabi.


“My quest is to create a vibrant wonderland, where characters champion, embrace their quirks, and evolve into the heroes of their own stories in a world filled with collage, street art, fashion, music, and paintings.” Gabi Almeida

Multimedia Artist, Wonderland Creator, Animator, Character Designer, Painter, Illustrator, and Video Director, Gabi Almeida's artistic journey is a testament to her boundless creativity and passion for crafting immersive worlds where imagination knows no bounds. With a background spanning animation, character design, illustration, music production, and video editing, Gabi's work is a vibrant infusion of influences from the London street art scene, graffiti, anime, comics, and burlesque elements.

Gabi's artistic pursuits have taken her across various prestigious venues as a session musician, including the Royal Albert Hall, BBC, TOP of the Pops, and Jools Holland, among others. Her own music productions as a solo artist have reached the top UK charts, and her music videos have been featured on various channels such as MTV.

In the realm of art, Gabi's creations have graced prominent spaces, including the vibrant wall displays at W1 Curate, London, and the esteemed Turner Contemporary, where one of her works was featured as part of the Electric Medway Photogrammetry Hope Project exhibition. Additionally, her artworks have been showcased in various exhibitions and projects, and she has collaborated on illustrations for TEDx Covent Garden UK and 

In recent years, Gabi has been instrumental in the creation of Mini Gabi World, a whimsical wonderland where reality and fiction intertwine to inspire. After experiencing a head injury in 2014 that prevented her from touring, Gabi created Mini Gabi to front the band while she recovered. Since then, Mini Gabi World has blossomed into a vibrant universe of characters brought to life through animation, storytelling, fashion, street art, music, and paintings.



Art & Music:

  • Track Relaunch "Just A Little Bit Of" Mini Gabi World Edition:

  • Creation of virtual band DJ Blue, relaunch of Sunstrand track, singer, music producer, character designer

  • Electric Medway Animation Wall Projection for The Lights Festival: Role: Character design, animation, video editing, video direction

  • Turner Contemporary Art Exhibition (Part of Electric Medway Photogrammetry Hope Project): Contribution to art piece creation for the group project

  • Halloween Collaboration Music Video with Music Artist Mr. Boodaddy: Role: Character designer, video direction




  • Thames Side Gallery London UK, Group Exhibition: Exhibited artist paintings

  • NFT Collection Release - "Keep Going" (Artist): Roles: Character designer, animator, digital artist

  • NFT Collaboration with Never Fade Factory (Artist & Designer): Roles: Artist, animator, designer




  • Small Works Online Show (Small Paintings release)

  • Dragon Coworking Rochester UK, Mural

  • London W1 Curates, Immersive Art Exhibition

  • Global Street Art London Shoreditch, Murals




  • Huguenot Museum, Rochester UK, Group show

  • Halpern Gallery Chatham UK, Group Show

  • Midkent College Lockdown Group display


Street Art, Animation, Illustrations:

  • Various art releases and group exhibits showcasing multimedia art, animations, character designs, paintings, illustrations.

  • Thames Side Open Studios, London

  • Fit Freie Internationale Tankstelle, Berlin Wall

  • Londoners Home Market, Shoreditch, London


2016 - 2018

Street Art & Exhibitions:

  • Various street art pieces around London.

  • TEDX illustration Collab

  • HClub Eric Festival, (Illustration)

  • Number 177 Bar, Hoxton, Group Show

  • Roving Cafe, London (Public Art)

  • Various illustrations for brands such as Carl’s Closet & Bafta UK

  • Warrior Women Magazine feature, Suffrage Rights Magazine illustration & Interview.

  • Berlin Graphic Days

  • Berlin Klebt Sticker Messe

  • Am OK Berlin fashion brand illustration.

  • Landern Gallery, Truro, UK, Group show (Paintings)




  • "Matzinga" - Studio Recordings, Singer-Songwriter participation

  • "FLORIAN: LET ME SHOW YOU WITH STYLE" - Studio Recordings, Singer-Songwriter participation


2004 - 2015

Music, Video, Drawings:

  • Cornwall, Chy Bar DJ and Art Show

  • Berlin, Sprache Studio, Solo show (Drawing Exhibits)

  • "Come My Way" - Singer-Songwriter, Music Producer, Art Director of Music Video Collaboration with Brazilian Painter Luciano Martins

  • Top 10 UK charts - Sunstrand release

  • Studio Recording of Album "Paint My Colours"

  • Video Art Direction of Music Video “Paint My Colours”

  • National Brazilian TV Globo - Programa do JO: Live Performances as a Solo Artist

  • MTV BRASIL: Interview and launch of music video “Paint My Colours”

  • Singer-Songwriter Music Producer


  • BBC Introducing UK: Live Performances as a Solo Artist

  • Som Livre Brasil: Live Performances as a Solo Artist, Singer-Songwriter Music Producer

  • BERLIN FASHION Week: Live Performances as a Solo Artist, Singer-Songwriter Music Producer

  • Various Brazilian and European venues & festivals as a Solo Artist, Singer-Songwriter Music Producer

  • UK Radio Tour: Interview and Live Performances

  • Video Art Direction/ Come My Way Single featuring artist Luciano Martins

  • Various press coverage, including Rolling Stones Magazine, interview & article about the album "Paint My Colours”


    • Music Performances:

      • Session Guitarist on Various Music Tours, including prestigious venues such as:

      • Royal Albert Hall

      • BBC

      • TOP of the Pops

      • Jools Holland

      • MTV Awards

      • and many more.


Notable Collaborations and Commissions (Music and Illustrations):

  • Lighthouse Family

  • FIVE

  • Girls Aloud

  • Tricky

  • Ane Clark

  • Marc Almond

  • Among others

  • MTV


  • Warrior Women Magazine



Music & Art:

  • Frozen Ghost Live Shows - songwriter, Stage visuals Art Director


Creative Evolution:

Mostly self-taught in the early years, I developed a unique style through hands-on experiences, collaboration with various artists, life experiences, and extensive travel. Street art played a pivotal role in shaping my artistic expression, from painting vibrant murals to busking on the streets, honing my skills and connecting with diverse audiences. In addition to this self-directed approach, I pursued formal education to refine and broaden my skills. Notable among these pursuits were short courses at the University of London (UOL) in Mixed Media Art, Illustration, and Comics, as well as a range of guitar and music production courses at the Musician Institute, London and the Ministry of Sound, alongside various animation and video courses. This harmonious blend of self-discovery and structured learning continues to underpin my creative journey, infusing it with depth, diversity, and innovation.

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