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MIsfits in Palace WITH BRIGHTNESS  low v2_edited.jpg

The Mysterious Mansion in Mini Gabi World

Explore the lively soul of Mini Gabi World, where the extraordinary Misfit Mansion stands as a testament to the whimsical nature of existence.

This eccentric mansion defies the confines of time, mysteriously emerging on the outskirts of a lively city. Its origins are shrouded in mystery, with no recollection of a time when it wasn't a peculiar part of the landscape.

Characters are irresistibly drawn to its magical allure, feeling an inexplicable connection as if the mansion calls out to those who sense they don't quite fit into the ordinary fabric of life.

Legend has it that the mansion was once owned by two mischievous critters, the original landlords of this whimsical abode. The Misfit Mansion, in its earlier life, served as a hub of commercial mischief and merriment, a place where these cute critters orchestrated unforgettable festivities.

These two tiny landlords, with their misfit charm, left an indelible mark on the mansion, making it a timeless haven for those seeking delightful eccentricity.


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