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DJ Blue: Turning Judgment into Triumph

Updated: Apr 15

You know that annoying teenager who believes they own the truth about what’s good and what’s bad? Well, that was me. I know most teenagers are like that, but trust me, I was pretty bad.

Long story short, I started my art career in music, and when I became a professional session musician, I had to open my mind. To my surprise, I realized that there was a whole world out there – a world of wonderful styles that my limiting mind was not allowing to let in.

And you know what? The one who was missing out the most was me, the judge, not the artists who created the music I was judging.

This was a turning point in my art career. And to this day, I make an effort to open my mind and embrace different styles.

I also love house music now.

And when I am on the other side of the coin, being judged by some self-appointed guardians of taste, I say: all you need is "Just A Little Bit Of..."

DJ Blue is inspired by some of these experiences. He is the kid being judged by the other misfits in the Mansion. Only because they find his taste too commercial...

Of course, none of us like judgment, and he doesn’t either. But that doesn’t stop him, and he performs under the pseudonym DJ Blue.

Things that Help Me Deal with Judgment

Resilience: I use my challenging experiences to inspire and create more authentic characters. I embrace setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow, understanding that resilience is crucial in the face of criticism.

Selective Support: While facing judgment from some, I also surround myself with a select circle of friends and mentors who appreciate my talent and genuinely support my artistic journey, serving as a crucial support system.

Focus on Passion: Instead of getting bogged down by criticism, I channel my energy into my passion for music, using it as a driving force to overcome obstacles.

Continuous Improvement: I view judgment as a catalyst for improvement. I consistently work on refining my skills and evolving my art, turning criticism into a source of motivation.

Out Now:

DJ Blue's Debut!

🎉 I am thrilled to share DJ Blue's debut:

Featuring one of his favorite tracks by Sunstrand.

🚀 AVAILABLE NOW on all digital stores.

👀 Stay tuned for the complete DJ Blue collection of prints and visuals – coming soon.

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